Alan Kruse


A lifelong student of nature, Alan has spent many hours in the field — from central Kansas to the Rocky Mountains of the West. His love of the outdoors compels him to focus on wildlife, landscape, and Native American art. For Alan, the creative process begins with extensive field experience. His unique understanding and vision are drawn from countless hours studying, viewing, sketching, and photographing the great outdoors. He notes “The more I learn about painting, nature, and Native Americans, the more I find there is to learn."  Alan Kruse’s art has received a great deal of recognition. Galleries in Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, Montana, Kansas, and Colorado have represented him. The journey continues for Alan, exploring the wilds of nature and learning about the life of our Native Americans, while transferring their grandeur through paint for all to share.


  • Alan's work is in numerous private and corporate collections around the world
  • 2011 and 2013 Russell Benefit Auction, Great Falls, MT
  • Multiple “People’s Choice” Awards, Kansas State Fair


Winter Dream SOLD
Season Of Change SOLD
A New Day SOLD
Before The Storm SOLD
Spring On The Plains SOLD
Evening Storm SOLD
Sunset SOLD
Solitude I SOLD
Valley Of The Sun SOLD
Fall Camp SOLD