Greg Overton


Born in 1970, Greg Overton has been creating western art since he was very young. He began emulating the works of Russell and Remington at the age of eight. Overton has always had a deep fascination with the west; particularly American Indian Warriors, as they pertain directly to his family. Overton is related to an Iroquois Chief, and Medicine Man, Eagle Plume. His ancestor John Dodds was a founding member of Jamestown and was married to Eagle Plume’s daughter Jane. He is now in the process of an Eagle Plume series to commemorate his family’s personal history.   Overton’s professional career began at the age of 16 when he illustrated the first of many rock music album covers. His commercial career lasted throughout his 20’s; he did everything from theater back drops to computer illustrations for the federal government. He also did work for amusement parks, even one as far away as Hong Kong. Overton switched back to his days as a child to the western art he once practiced. Overton was soon featured as an "artist to watch" by Southwest Art Magazine in 2004. His work has been featured in Cowboys And Indians, Art Talk and Southwest Art. Now collectors of his work come from all over the country. Overton does extensive research for each painting to better understand his subjects and maintain proper authenticity. Overton attends powwows and American Indian ceremonies to fine tune his appreciation for Indian Culture, as well as studying tribal history and always searching for his next model. Overton’s paintings are based on historical figures such as Sitting Bull, Red Cloud and Geronimo. Combining both historical photographs with his modern American Indian models Overton is able to create these amazing portraits dedicated to the American Indian way of life. With all the friends Overton has made through his research, he as a deep understanding of the certain needs of these tribes. He now spends time doing charity work with various tribes, and donates the proceeds from at least one painting each year to an American Indian cause.


  • Numerous notable public and private collections worldwide


Spotted Eagle
Seven Thunders
Roman Nose
Untitled 01
Untitled 02
Kills First
Untitled (In Progress)
Blood Axe
Roan Eagle
American Horse I
Charging Bear
American Horse II
Conquering Eagle SOLD
White Buffalo SOLD
Striking Eagle SOLD
Black Moon SOLD
White Cloud SOLD
Crazy Horse SOLD
Light Cloud and the Spirit Bear SOLD
Stone Dreamer and The Holy One SOLD
Red Tomahawk SOLD
Raven Hand SOLD
White Crow and the Medicine Skull SOLD
Goes to War SOLD
White Crow SOLD
Black Elk 2 SOLD
Blood Raven SOLD
Black Elk SOLD
Brings The Storm SOLD
Black Hand SOLD
Crow Horse SOLD
Bear's Belly SOLD
Brings Down the Sun SOLD
Voice of Thunder SOLD
High Hawk SOLD
Blackbird and the Ghost Shirt SOLD
Hollow Horn Bear SOLD
Matunaga SOLD
Spirit Walker SOLD
Wicasa Wakan - The Holy Man SOLD
Son Of Thunder SOLD