Kathryn Engberg


Kathryn Engberg (b. 1994), the third generation artist in her family, was exposed to art from a very young age. Watching her mother and grandmother paint and spending time in their respective studios was a regular and natural part of her childhood. Spending time in great museums and making 'art projects' were among her favorite pastimes growing up in Salisbury, Maryland. She displayed a precocious creative gift for drawing and painting and was fortunate to be enveloped in a cultured, artistic environment that nurtured her extraordinary talent. After graduating high school, Kathryn went on to attend Grand Central Academy in Manhattan under the tutelage of the internationally acclaimed classical master Jacob Collins and several of his most accomplished students. Engberg graduated from Grand Central Academy in 2016 and is currently an instructor at this renowned atelier school, which is modeled after the European atelier schools of the nineteenth century. Kathryn Engberg displays an exquisite sensitivity of highly refined draftsmanship and classical painting technique. While Engberg is interested in the formal aspects of a wide array of painters, she endeavors to work exclusively by direct observation from life, seeking to capture the unique and beautiful nuances that direct observation allows. For some paintings, she will first make a detailed drawing in graphite before transferring to linen canvas and painting in oil color, while other times painting alla prima. Engberg is a member of the Oil Painters of America and the recipient of numerous awards, including those from Grand Central Atelier, Art Renewal Center, and The Stobart Foundation. Her work is represented in galleries across the US and owned by collectors around the world. Kathryn Engberg currently resides in Queens, New York. She strives to revive the classical traditions and extraordinary craftsmanship of the past with her own singular perspective, incorporating an exquisite sensitivity and capability extremely unique indeed.


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