Robert McCoy


"Western themes are my focus, because they reflect on a collection of memories and experiences that have stayed with me throughout the years. This includes a lifelong love of the West; its triumphs, and its hardships illustrated throughout history, and being from a family that personally took part in the development of this great epoch. It also comes from living in the very places where these dramas unfolded and where the ruins remain. Adding to that resource is a library of books and movies that have influenced me personally, and our culture as a whole. Before there were televisions, I remember lying on the floor and listening to programs on the radio such as The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, and Wild Bill with his sidekick Jingles. These things are ingrained in me, and ingrained in generations of Americans. However each artist chooses to interpret their vision of this theme, there is honesty to it, and it is something we can all be proud to share.  I work directly from still life setups, not from photographs. As a result, I am always collecting western objects that can be used for my paintings. I obtain guns from Cimarron Firearms out of Fredericksburg, Texas. A jeweler friend will antique the metal, and I will work on the grips, stocks or gun leather to make them look used and worn. Other things like saddlebags, cuffs, chaps, hats, pottery, and blankets will find their way into my studio from a variety of sources.  My paintings are twofold. There are the ones that are fully painted, and there are the ones that incorporate historical images, combining newer technologies with the time honored practice of painting. Both include objects and environments that have had a life of their own, and like a weathered face, take on their own unique character. Both are valid, and both contribute to the big picture that reinforces my vision."


  • Permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
  • Permanent collection of the Valero Energy Corporation
  • “Frivolity and Mortality: The Tradition of Vanitas in Contemporary Painting”, Sherry French Gallery, New York, NY


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